Inspiring Dolphin swim Experiences in Cozumel

Inspiring Dolphin swim Experiences in Cozumel

Inspiring Dolphin swim Experiences in Cozumel

Check out our Dolphin swim experiences in Cozumel for a vacation that you and your children will never forget! Nowadays technology and the internet have become a BIG part of our daily lives. This statement is true to the extent that it doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, you probably use the internet on a weekly basis. There is so much content available and it is just one click away from us! As much as this a great advance for humanity, we don’t realize that our children are being bombarded with so much information (that isn’t necessarily positive). We must do something about it! While we can’t control what is available on the internet, we can teach our children values and positive things at home and with engaging experiences…

Little Ambassador Experience

We introduce you to our brand new Blu Experience: Little Ambassador.  What does Little Ambassador an Inspiring Dolphin swim Experiences? Oh, you and your kids are going to love it, it is very simple and fun! As we mentioned earlier, teaching our children values is very important in this new era of technology. It can be tough sometimes to find ways to educate our kids about things other than video games or cartoons, we know it. However, we have good news for you: it is not impossible…


The LITTLE AMBASSADOR Experience consists of 4 engaging activities:

  • Introduction to Dolphins: Your interaction starts with an interesting informative module about our beloved dolphin’s behavior and physiology. You will be surprised by how much your kid will learn in this detailed class!

  • Kiss: If your kid is an animal lover, this will be an unforgettable moment for them… Watch as one of our dolphins gives them the signature dolphin kiss, and thus form the bond of a lifetime.

  • Interaction: Our Seaguards will accompany your children through this intimate and special interaction… This is definitely going to be one of their most cherished childhood memories.

  • Paint Session: We bet you never imagined you’d meet a marine mammal that is also an artist, right? Uncover the unique and astounding secret talent our dolphins have…art! And how does taking home the t-shirt painted by our dolphin sound for a surprise?!

Dolphin Swim Experiences in Cozumel!

Time spent at Dolphinaris is time well spent… Unplug your family from the internet, and spend the day living!  Movies and shows on Netflix are temporary, but the memories you’ll make at Dolphinaris last forever. Learn and teach your children to treasure each day as if it were the last. Our time on earth is limited, so it is up to each and every one of us to make it pleasant and fun… Ditch the iPad, you will be glad. Skip the iPhone, have your mind blown. And most importantly, make the most out of every day, whether you’re on vacation or not! Let us help you in adding fun ways to learn, memories to keep forever and new ways to bond with your family AND with Nature. Take a look at our other experiences, reviews, and posts on our social media: